Friday, February 18


Have you ever had one of these days? I've had one of these weeks.  Ready to be creative again.

Print via Rifle Paper Co

Monday, February 14

"I can't let you have bad coffee.."

These were the first words we heard from Kurtis of Tybee Island Social Club on Sunday morning.  We were on the island for the weekend, and I had read that their coffee bar had opened. It will, but it's not quite there yet.  Instead of pointing us in the direction of Chu's Convenience Store to get our caffeine fix, Kurtis went inside and made us a couple of cups to go.  He had us at hello.  We were back for a fabulous lunch and a wine tasting and never wanted to leave.  When we came back for our second and third times, we got to meet Sarah, a beauty who is just as charming as Kurtis, and the eye behind the well-appointed space that would make India Hicks envious. We will hurry back.

Monday, February 7

For reals?

I am on the hunt for a long, green dress for a St. Patrick's Day p-rade. Since most will be wearing fancy with sequins and lace, I thought I would turn things up a notch with a vintage 70's Halston a la Rachel Zoe, stolen from eBay for pennies on the dollar.  Dream on - my $15 bargain sold for $455 tonight. Oh my.

Help me  - where can I find vintage on the cheap?

Hiding under a rock

Me, not them. How have I missed this brand until now? Go Anthropologie.

In. Love

So here's me struggling over Blogger 101 and Photoshop for Dummies, and then I stumble upon a blog so beautiful as this. Bri Emery, all I can say is "wow." Via Wit + Delight, another lovely site.

Be sure to check out this article on Bri Emery in design*sponge here.

Go east, young man

This adorable menswear shop in Hong Kong, Moustache, was featured in the latest issue of Travel + Leisure.

Yet another reason to plan a visit to NYC...

The Sunday Styles section is my favorite part of the NYT.  Can't wait for the Bill Cunningham documentary to come out in March!

Wednesday, February 2

Love at the five and dime

My little sister's post reminded me that now that it's February, it's time to start thinking about Valentime's Day.  I'm not quite ready for pink and red hearts, but after listening to this little ditty by Nanci Griffith, I'm one step closer.  Enjoy.

Wouldn't it be nice?

When we visited my in-laws in Pennsylvania this past weekend, my sweet little three-year-old great (or is it grand?) niece couldn't stop talking about fairy princesses - Snow White, Cinderella, and all of those new ones that I am secretly proud I can't name..  Wouldn't this Laurel Denise print be a perfect gift for her? And perhaps one for moi to help me get over that I am someone's great aunt. Gulp.

Tuesday, February 1

A new wind blows in Freeport?

L.L. Bean's Signature Collection catalogue arrived in the mail yesterday (along with the lovely J.Crew - yum).   I was about to throw it away, but then decided to give it a look see.  While you'll find your standard Freeport, Maine fare, there are also a few lovelies tucked inside that could be great additions to a wardrobe.

East Village Oddities

My husband found Oddities on the Discovery Channel and knew this show would be an instant hit in our household.  Can't wait for a trip to NYC to visit Obscura Antiques in person.  Cow for a kitty, kitty for a cow?

Around the world

During the delay on our way back home, I caught up on email and uncovered these saucy globes from ImagineNations via Rachel Zoe. A lovely example of refaire at its finest.

The royal treatment

Loving these Royal Tenenbaum pencils from Tiniest J's Etsy shop. Might have to pre-order me some Rushmore pencils.